Organically growing Instagram followers, and 5 ways to increase followers on Instagram.


Instagram uses a very complicated system to decide which users see which posts. This formula is also always changing and getting better. What worked a year ago to get free friends on Instagram might not work as well today. This is why you should keep up with the latest ways to get more Instagram fans.

We’ve done all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to. If you want to know how to make your small business Instagram account grow, keep reading. Here are the top 5 natural ways to get more Instagram followers.

1. Make your Instagram name SEO-Friendly

If you want to learn how to grow on Instagram, you should start by picking a name for your account. Make sure it is good for SEO. This means that you should think about what someone might be looking for on Instagram.

Are they going to look for your name? Unless you are very famous, that is very unlikely. Most likely, they won’t be looking for your name, but for a term like “fitness coach.” That means that your name should include a phrase that is connected to your business. Most of the time, the term that will help you get more fans has to do with your job.

2. Write descriptive post captions

People will only see the first few lines of your posts before they click on them to read the rest. This means you should write something that will catch their attention and make them want to interact with your posts in some way. Don’t forget that this is your big chance. The only other way to connect with people is to post a picture that makes people stop looking.

Once your first phrase has caught their attention, you can tell them to click on the link in your bio. By writing comments that describe your posts, you can get more fans, get more leads from people who visit your website, and get more people to interact with your posts.

When you get more people to visit your website, the chance that they will sign up for your email list goes up. When you send an email to your mailing list, you can use Wisestamp’s icon add-ons to add icons and links to your social media accounts to your email address. This helps keep the number of people engaging with your emails high. Remember that Instagram’s system will put your content in front of more people if it gets a lot of feedback.

If you remember, we said that Instagram likes to keep you on your toes by changing the formula every now and then. Well, the system rewards Instagram accounts with more involvement by showing their posts in more views.

You will also show up higher in hashtags you use and in a visible spot on the Home screen. This last part is important because it is where suggested posts are shown to possibly millions of people.

3. Use trending hashtags

A lot of people use hashtags. Almost any word you can think of right now probably has a handle on Instagram. If you’re new to Instagram, you might think it’s a good idea to put very broad and general words at the end of your picture comments as hashtags.

Going back to our earlier example of hairstylists, if you use the #barber hashtag, your post will get lost among the other 31.6 million posts that also use that term.

This means that if you want people to see your post, you probably won’t be found if they look in the “Recent” tab for that term. When a handle has a million or more posts under it, new posts appear in a matter of seconds. Almost right away, your post will be gone.

Do a study on hashtags

If you want to know how to get more people to follow you on Instagram, you need to do some study on hashtags. Look for words that don’t have as many posts and use those instead. You won’t want to use ones with a million or more posts. Niche terms that are small to medium in size are great to use. The more likely you are to get noticed, the less popular a word is.

But there should also be a limit to this. Don’t use words that don’t have at least 1,000 posts. Those will probably move your posts closer to the top of the posts that use them, but you wouldn’t reach as many people. Use a few hashtags with 100,000 to 1,000,000 uses, a few with 10,000 to 100,000 uses, and a few with 1,000 to 10,000 uses. This well-rounded method will help you get as much attention as possible, which can help you get more likes and followers on Instagram.

We also suggest making a chart with all the hashtags in these three levels of fame. This way, you won’t have to spend too much time trying to remember what labels to use in your posts. You can also keep a list of hashtags in a note on your phone and put them right into your posts.

Change up your hashtags.

If you keep a list of all the hashtags that are important to your business, you can easily add them to all of your posts to get more likes, shares, comments, and follows. But there is a catch. Don’t use the same labels for each and every post.

We’ve already talked about how Instagram’s system is very smart. It will see your repeated use of the same hashtags in posts as spam. It will react by lowering the number of people who see your posts on their own or banning you from certain terms. When your posts no longer show up under certain hashtags, this is called a “shadowban.” When you get shadowbanned, it can take up to two weeks for your posts to start showing up again under the term.

What you should do is change the hashtags you use. Your go-to paper should have about 100 hashtags that you can use, as long as they fit the guidelines we talked about earlier. By mixing and matching hashtags in this way, you won’t get fewer views or be shadowbanned.

4. Engage with others

We know that talking to other people on Instagram takes time and can be annoying, but it should be part of your plan for how to get more followers on Instagram.

You will need to spend some time and effort liking and posting on other people’s posts.

This is important for a few important reasons. It’s that annoying formula again. When Instagram’s system sees that a lot of people are interested in what you post, it will show more of it to other people. This is because it seems like people are paying more attention to your posts and comments.

Getting involved in the community is also a good way to get the word out about what your business is all about. When you leave comments on other people’s posts, you make it more likely that other people will see those comments and click through to your account. Your click-through rates will be higher if your posts actually say something interesting and useful. So, don’t just say one word or something basic, because that won’t help you much.

If you want to learn how to grow on Instagram like a pro, you should stick to these five tips. They are still a great way to get more Instagram fans and help your small business.

5. Generate organic followers from your emails

One important part of a good marketing plan is knowing how to get more fans on Instagram. Once you get people to click through to your website, you can start getting their email addresses for your mailing list. After all, you don’t have power over Instagram. You could get a shadow ban or a full ban at any time. You don’t have much say over many of the ways you can sell on Instagram. You are in charge of everything about your email list.

You can put professional email signatures at the bottom of every email you send. These signatures can even link to your social media accounts. Wisestamp’s signs are very interesting, and adding links to social media accounts has been shown to improve participation. If you want to know how to grow an Instagram account, these picture add-ons will help you.

Whether you use Gmail, Outlook, or another email app, you will be able to add these changeable addresses to every email you send to your mailing list.

In Last

The Instagram formula is always changing. This is why you need to make sure that your plan for how to grow an Instagram account is up-to-date. We suggest that you check online every few months to see if the methods and strategies you are using still work. To keep growing your Instagram audience, you should always be on the cutting edge of what works. At the end of the day, this is one of the best ways for a small business to sell itself today.

Now that you know how to get more Instagram followers, you can use these proven methods right away.

Use your Instagram account to promote your website, and your website to promote your Instagram account. You now know how to get more people to follow you on Instagram and how to get more people interested in what you sell. Use these top 5 ways to grow on Instagram and enjoy your newfound success.

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