7 Myths and Misconceptions About SEO


Search Engine Optimization: Lots of people have heard of it, but not many understand what it’s all about.

There are also some common misconceptions and misconceptions related to SEO. Some of these are the result of outdated or poor practices in the past; others are due to sub-standard methods, reliability and integrity of some suppliers.

not all search engine optimization provider are equal. Many people made promises they couldn’t keep. Many lock their clients into long-term, extremely expensive contracts. Some people are just bad at what they do – a few are the downright dark side.

It’s important to choose the right SEO provider for you and your brand or business.This means choosing the Search Engine Optimization Specialist Not only are they experienced in his or her field, but they also act with transparency and integrity. It also means having a basic understanding of what SEO is, isn’t, and why.

Here, we debunk some of the more common misconceptions (and outright myths) that too many people have about SEO.

7 Common Misconceptions About SEO

Myth 1: “Keyword research is not necessary”

Keywords are the foundation of SEO. You need to know which words and phrases your target audience will use to search for what you offer online – and which of these will be most valuable to you in terms of search engine rankings. For this, keyword research is imperative – so you can understand and choose the keywords that work for you, and then embed them appropriately on your website, other digital products, and social media.

Failure to conduct effective and accurate keyword research puts you at risk of:

  • Select and target inactive keywords
  • Choose highly competitive keywords that will actually rank for you
  • Missed opportunities from including local keywords or keywords you wouldn’t necessarily consider

Myth 2: “Black hat techniques are a good idea”

Black hat SEO techniques are those sneaky shortcuts that try to game the system and trick the Google algorithm to secure your ranking. They include keyword stuffing, inappropriate hashtags, spam, copy cloaking, buying domains and redirecting them to your website, buying social media followers, and more. While these naughty tactics may initially seem to boost your rankings, it won’t last. Instead, Google will know what you’re doing – and your site will be penalized for violating Google’s guidelines. You can’t risk it.

Myth 3: “Title tags and meta descriptions don’t matter”

Instead, title tags and meta descriptions are the important first impressions a user will have about your website on a search engine results page (SERP). They are vital for SEO, the information about your website that online users will see first. Once you start ranking, they will attract clicks and should reflect well on your website.

They must:

  • concise
  • is relevant
  • Include relevant target keywords
  • Title must not exceed 60 characters
  • Description is limited to 155 characters

Myth 4: “Content doesn’t matter”

Content is the foundation of SEO. Google won’t be able to track and target without cultivating high-quality, adequate written content that includes keywords properly. Additionally, user experience, or UX, is a key ranking metric—so is your website delivering what your audience is looking for?

The content must be:

  • related
  • fascinating
  • informative and/or entertaining
  • well written
  • grammatically correct
  • Brand your business
  • Carefully curated for your target audience
  • Include SEO target keywords with 1-2% saturation

riceYTH #5: “I don’t need to update my website”

Are you taking a “set and forget” approach to your website and online presence?

If you don’t care about nourishing it, why should Google care about it?

Online dynamics are critical. You can do this by:

  • Refresh or update your website/content
  • add new product
  • Publish at least one new live blog post per month
  • link social posts to your website
  • Make sure your website is optimized for mobile and desktop
  • Improve website functionality, such as navigation, loading speed, etc.

Myth 6: “Links Don’t Matter”

Google focuses on link building to determine whether to rank a page. Quality internal links throughout your site position you as a professional, trustworthy search engine, showing that the content you provide is high quality, authentic and citable. External links from other websites are also very valuable. Encourage this by creating and delivering high-quality, unique content, collaborating with others in your industry to share links, and having your customers review your products and services.

Myth 7: “Any digital marketer can do SEO”

Many digital marketers claim to be — and even believe they are — SEO experts. While some of these may be true, many are not. A little bit of knowledge cannot be created by experts!

SEO is a very specialized field, and becoming a true SEO expert requires tangible industry experience, unique insight and an understanding of the ever-evolving aspects of SEO, including the “game” Google plays with its algorithms, And align these with unique customer needs. It requires a customized approach to each client, not a cookie-cutter approach to general SEO.

A comprehensive SEO campaign that gets real results is underway, with in-depth on-site and off-site considerations and strategies, adjusted as needed.

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SEO is not a quick fix – it should be an ongoing effort for lasting results. We’ve served hundreds of SEO clients across a variety of industries, and we pride ourselves on having very satisfied clients – some of the clients we work with today have been with us for a decade.

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